Neolit – retro arcade dodger

The game was made in Unity in 5 months.

The main purpose of the game is to survive for as long as possible, you fly around in a tunnel dodge obstacles and collect pickups.

The tunnel is procedurally generated using a Catmull-Rom spline. This spline is used as the base for all assets in the game the tunnel is made using procedural mesh generation, all other assets are placed around the spline. Terrain is also generated along the spline, to make the atmosphere stand out more.

We used a rudimentary version of camera culling, making the game run a smooth 60 – 80 fps.

Project Neolit was a game made by me and 4 other people: Brian Van Hyfte, Leander Simonart, Michelle Naessens and Jakob Van Damme.

Dev log: Team19


Play the game online: Neolit


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